Maximise Funnel Marketing with Video.

64% of users buy a product after watching a video. Imagine how effective your marketing could be when you combine video with the proven success of the sales funnel. Attract, engage and then close sales.

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Top of the funnel

Also known as the ‘Research Phase’, your potential customer is looking for a source of education. They’re trying to solve a problem or meet a need, so you can use video to prove that you’re the expert in your field that can solve that problem.


Middle of the funnel

Your potential client has done their research and now wants to find the best solution for their problem. This is your opportunity to present your business as the superior choice, by displaying your products or services and their benefits.


Bottom of the funnel

You’ve already guided your potential customer down the funnel and this is the crucial closing phase. They’re ready to purchase a solution and Visual Invest can help you make sure they make the right choice; your business.