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How a commercial can take your business to the next level

We’ll grab their attention and get them excited about what you do. But a commercial can be more than that, it can establish your brand and help you stand out from the rest. Video is the perfect way to showcase what your brand is all about, through use of character, narrative and outstanding visuals. So get your business featured in a creative and visual way to ensure you stand out from the competition!

Want to make your business famous?

Impressive Digital

Digital agency, Impressive, wanted to showcase their business in a fun and creative way. They partnered with VI to create a commercial that showed off their in house talent, and gave a face to their service. By featuring their staff, we humanised the services they offered and gave their customers a chance to connect with the company. This commercial also established a clear brand for Impressive, who are young, enthusiastic and get results.

What did they think of us?

"As a long-term client of Visual Invest, we had the pleasure of working with the team across several video projects monthly. What makes them different from everyone else is their ability to create content that not only gets seen, but drives results, which is key for a business like ours. We really see Visual Invest as an extension of our own business and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build their brand and create content that converts!"
Rob Tadros, Founder of Impressive Digital

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Winery Lane

Ecommerce business, Winery Lane, wanted to showcase their service and the wineries they represented in a visually appealing way. They partnered with VI to create a beautiful commercial that takes the potential customers to the wineries and meet the people creating their wine. Through this commercial Winery Lane emphasised their commitment to supporting Australian wine makers, and getting that wine to the customer. The commercial got VI a nomination as Wine Communicator of the Year 2017.

What did they have to say about us?

"I had the pleasure of working with Visual Invest on our very first piece of video content for Winery Lane. Their work is of exceptional quality, they operate with ambiguity and most importantly they made myself and the winemakers feel comfortable with our ‘performance’."

Stephen Mobbs, Co-Founder of Winery Lane

Help your business stand out

Home Pacifico

Clothing brand, Home Pacifico, wanted a video to show audiences and different version of their target audience. They partnered with VI to create a commercial that changes the expectations of who wears their brand, showing a group of bikie clowns. Along with being shot beautifully, this ad is memorable and stays in the audience’s minds long after they have watched it, making it a very successful piece of content.

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