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Tell your story through video

Videos let you tell your story in an entertaining and interesting way. It gives your company an opportunity to tell its story and offer more to the potential customer than just a service. Through storytelling, your company can stand out from the rest, and offer a point of difference to your business!

Ready to tell the story of your business?


Finance company, Hejaz, needed a video that told a story around the services they offer. They wanted to show how their financial services helped their customers, so we created a narrative that showcased their customer personas. From young families, to pensioners, this video shows how Hejaz provides a service to all. It also humanised their company and gave it a face and warmth. This is necessary to stand out from many faceless financial companies in the market.

What did they think of us?

“We engaged the services of Visual Invest in 2017 to create our first official video, and were very impressed by the end product. The team at VI were very thorough and creative. From script writing to talent selection, until the final edits and voice-over recording, the VI team managed the entire process. They shaped a strong narrative for our target audience and elevated the video beyond a normal corporate video. We were fortunate to have them by our side to simplify this otherwise daunting project.”

Muzzammil Dhedhy, Director of Finance at Hejaz

Want to create a commercial for your business?

Global Ethical Fund

Global Ethical Fund, wanted to show to their potential customers that they are more than a corporate company. They wanted to feature their values and video was the perfect platform to do that. We created a video that showed their commitment to Australian business, as well as their ethical values. We also used professional standard cameras to get beautiful footage of Australian cities, and close ups of a diverse range of people, to combine the global and local vision of the company.

Want to showcase your business?


Real estate company, Reventon, wanted a video that would show their company culture and showcase their staff. They partnered with VI to create a video filmed in their Melbourne office, and shows their friendly interaction with their clients. It also displays the company’s values and their dedication to their clients succeeding. This video is successful at building trust with prospective clients, and by showing the team at Reventon the client creates a connection with the company.

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