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Take your video marketing strategy to another level

You’ve probably heard the term “marketing funnel” tossed around everywhere lately. But what is a marketing funnel, really, and how can you build one for your business? That’s where our digital marketing team come in, and create a marketing strategy perfect for your business. Good content is essential to make any marketing strategy work, and that’s where VI has you covered. We take a look at your business, and decide the best type of videos needed for your business. VI provide the strategy, the content and can set up an advertising campaign, that is specially tailored for your business.

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Open Markets

Financial company, Open Markets, wanted to create an ongoing online series to feature on their Youtube page. They partnered with VI to make a series that interviews industry experts who share their knowledge of a particular topic for each episode. These videos are a great way to build trust and authority with your target audience. By educating your audience on a topic that your company is an expert with, you prove to them you are the business to go to for that particular service.

Want to build trust and authority with your target audience?

Abacus Bar & Restaurant

Bar and restaurant, Abacus, wanted to create videos that showed how their cocktails are made. They partnered with VI to make a series of videos demonstrating how their specially cocktails are made. Demo videos are a great way to engage your audience and give them an insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ exclusive content that they can’t find anywhere else.

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Impressive Digital

Digital marketing company, Impressive Digital, wanted to make a series of educational videos for their current and potential clients. They partnered with VI to create ‘down the barrel’ videos where their in house talent give advice on their area of expertise. These videos teach your audience something new, and also build their knowledge. Not only are these videos interesting to your audience and so increase engagement, they also cement your expertise in the industry and stand out a business to trust.

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