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Why Visual Invest?

When you partner with VI you gain full-time video production and content creation services. Consider us your in-house team. The result is a partnership that works with your marketing strategy and continuously builds a content library for your business that increases over time through revision, repetition and repurposing.

Want to work with us?

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Our Solution

Our video content partnerships are tailored to your business and marketing communications goals while maintaining a built-in margin of flexibility to conquer unexpected objectives. Ultimately, we aim to make video production and content creation easy for businesses through an all-inclusive service, and simplified billing.

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Our Process

Research. We work with you to know your business and what content solutions you need.

Strategy. Our expert team creates a tailored content strategy package for your business.

Creation. Our creative team works on how best to shoot your content.

Management. We organise the shoot for you, edit the content, and hand it over to you as a finalised video.

Promotion. We also have tailored digital marketing solutions to promote your content and get it out into the world.

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How are we different?

We have simplified the rules of video production so every business can play. Our creative workflow allows your business to leverage the most out of the content we create for you. We are the business-first solution for a video-first world.

The online marketing industry is moving too fast for traditional video production and content creation methods to keep up. It’s hard enough to get the message out on time, let alone deliver it with visual content like video or animation. But here is where VI comes in, as we are a full service production house we take care of the shoot, the edit and promotion of your video. All within budget and with a fast turnaround, while you sit back and relax.

Like how we work?

Who are we?

Meet the team of specialised and dedicated video experts ready to take your business to the next level!

Sam Odlum   Managing Director

Sam Odlum

Managing Director

Mark Nicholson   Head of Business Strategy

Mark Nicholson

Head of Business Strategy

Daniel Margraf   Business Strategist

Daniel Margraf

Business Strategist

Aastha Auplish   Production Manager

Aastha Auplish

Production Manager

Ebony Majewski   Production Coordinator

Ebony Majewski

Production Coordinator

Liam Phillips   Videographer

Liam Phillips